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Navaratna Silver Disc Stud Earrings

SKU: OLI-1190

Navaratna jewelry is an ancient and meaningful choice for those seeking elegance and spiritual significance. Crafted with nine precious gemstones representing celestial bodies according to Vedic Astrology, it brings positive energy and balance to the wearer. Apart from being beautiful, Navaratna jewelry promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With its rich symbolism and ancient wisdom, it attracts good fortune and success. Embrace the transformative power and beauty of our Navaratna Disc Studs for a truly enchanting experience.

Emerald (Intelligence)
Celestial Deity: Budha (Mercury)
Mercury is considered the planet of intelligence, communication, and understanding. Therefore, wearing an emerald is believed to enhance these qualities and bring positive effects in various aspects of life. Professions that require strong communication skills, such as public speaking, teaching, or professions related to finance and tech are often recommended to wear Emerald.

White Sapphire (Opulence)
Celestial Deity: Shukra (Venus)
White Sapphires in Vedic astrology are known for their strong energy and ability to amplify the traits associated with Venus. They are believed to strengthen relationships and bring financial prosperity and successful endeavors in the creative arts and business. 

Pearl (The Mind) 
Celestial Deity: Chandra (Moon)
The moon represents emotions, intuition, and the mind and is believed to have considerable influence over our mental and emotional well-being. The pearl is believed to bring emotional balance and calmness and is particularly good for those who have a strong or weak moon in their birth chart.

Yellow Sapphire (Goodness)
Celestial Deity: Guru (Jupiter)
Wearing a yellow Sapphire enhances the qualities of Jupiter and is believed to strengthen the qualities of Jupiter, such as intelligence, education, good fortune, and spiritual growth. Wearing a yellow sapphire in a Navaratna ring is thought to attract blessings, abundance, and opportunities for growth in various aspects of life.

Ruby (Origin of Energies)
Celestial Deity: Surya (The Sun)
In Vedic astrology, the ruby gemstone holds significant importance as it is associated with the Sun, the king of all celestial bodies. The ruby is believed to possess powerful energies that can bring success, and abundance, and enhance one’s leadership qualities. Ruby is especially good for those with a strong, or weak sun in their birth chart.

Red Coral (Passion & Force)
Celestial Deity: Mangala (Mars)
When worn in Navarathna jewellery red coral enhances the positive influences associated with Mars such as courage, passion, confidence, and assertiveness. It is often recommended for those seeking increased physical stamina, improved focus, and overall success in their endeavors.

Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl (Enlightenment)
Celestial Deity: Ketu (Descending Node)
Cat Eye Sapphire is associated with the celestial deity, Ketu, who is a lunar node responsible for solar ecliples. The cateye Sapphire represents spirituality, introspection, and enlightenment. is said to bring good luck, prosperity, and financial gains. It is believed to assist individuals in overcoming obstacles, breaking through stagnation, and achieving success in their endeavors.

Blue Sapphire (Discipline)
Celestial Deity: Shani (Saturn)
Blue Sapphire is the most revered gemstone associated with Saturn. Wearing Blue Sapphire is primarily worn to appease Saturn and mitigate its negative influences. Saturn is associated with discipline, perseverance, and spiritual growth. When Saturn’s energies are balanced, it is said to bring favorable circumstances, stability, and long-term success in life, including career, relationships, and wealth.

Hessonite Garnet
Celestial Deity: Rahu (Ascending Node).
Hessonite is associated with the celestial deity, Rahu who is a lunar node responsible for lunar eclipses in Hindu mythology. It is considered a shadowy body that represents material desires, illusions, and the spiritual path. Wearing Hessonite is to balance and pacify the malefic effects of Rahu, and overcome obstacles, achieve success, and fulfill their desires.

Sterling Silver Disc Earrings
Handcrafted in our studio
Only natural gemstones are used, please allow for minor differences in colour.

Everything we make is handcrafted, and we are talking old-school hammer to the metal, no hi-tech machines type of handcrafted. It's hard work out here but the amount of time and effort that goes into every piece means there is a whole lotta love put in.

The handcrafted nature of our work means that it takes a little longer for us to make it, and no two pieces are alike. This makes your piece extra special, but please allow for minor differences between pieces.

The same goes for gemstones! We only use natural gemstones and no two gemstones are exactly the same, so please allow for minor differences.

AQUAMARINE Serenity, courage, protection
CITRINE Happiness, financial success, creativity
EMERALD Intuition, growth, renewal, love
MOONSTONE feminine energy, balance, new
ONYX Protection, grounding, self control
PERIDOT Protection, prosperity, joy
RED GARNET Passion, vitality, social popularity, self-confidence
RHODOLITE GARNET Passion, love, positive energy
RUBY Passion, truelove, vitality, prosperity
BLUE SAPPHIRE Wisdom, protection, loyalty, commitment
GREEN SAPPHIRE Healing, prosperity, renewal
ORANGE SAPPHIRE Creativity, inspiration, joy
PEACH SAPPHIRE Romance, serenity, emotional balance
PINK SAPPHIRE love, compassion, feminity, emotional healing
PURPLE SAPPHIRE Nobility, enlightenment, creativity
YELLOW SAPPHIRE Optimism. personal power, abundance, knowledge
WHITE SAPPHIRE Everlasting love, wisdom, spiritual connection
PINK TOURMALINE Self-love, creativity, inspiration
GREEN TOURMALINE Renewal, growth, connection to nature
BROWN ZIRCON Stability, prosperity, knowledge



January Garnet & Rose Quartz
February Amethyst & Onyx
March Aquamarine
April Diamond & White Sapphire
May  Emerald & Peridot
June Moonstone & Pearl
July Ruby & Garnet
August Peridot
September Sapphire & Moonstone
October Tourmaline & Opal
November Topaz & Citrine
December Blue Topaz & Zircon



January --> Garnet & Rose Quartz
February -->
Amethyst & Onyx
March -->
April -->
Diamond & White Sapphire
May -->
Emerald & Peridot
June --> Moonstone & Pearl
July --> Ruby & Garnet
August --> Peridot
September --> Sapphire & Moonstone
October --> Tourmaline & Opal
November --> Topaz & Citrine
December --> Blue Topaz & Zircon

We want you to be happy with your purchase! This is super important to us as we put in a whole lot of love and we want you to experience that.

All silver and gold jewellery can be worn all the times and since all our gemstones are natural they of course won't change colour. This means you can wear them in the water however following the care instructions will help to avoid scratches, bumps and wear and tear.

Faulty jewellery will always be repaired free of charge if due to a manufacturing fault. Damage to jewellery due to wear and tear, carelessness or not following the care instructions with not be covered and we will need to provide a quote depending on the issue. In some cases, it may be faster for you to get a faulty item repaired locally to you. If the fault is due to a manufacturing issue we will refund you the cost.

Please note if an item is ordered in the wrong size no refund will be given. We suggest following our size guide or contacting us for some help if you get stuck.

All items come with a jewellery care guide, or you can read the care guide on our website for detailed information.

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