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International Ring size converter

To keep things standard internationally we use diameter to determine ring sizing. If you already know your ring size use the table to find the corresponding diameter.

If you would like to check at home see below details on how to accurately determine your ring size.

Tips before you measure your ring size

Keep in mind that your finder sizes will change, even throughout the day. Your fingers will tend to be larger in the evenings and can be affected by hormones, the weather, medications and more. Given this, if you are measuring at home we suggest measuring a couple of times throughout the day.

Ultimately this comes down to what you feel comfortable with. As a guide, your ring should fit your finger well enough so is won't slip off, but loose enough to fit over your knuckles without too much difficulty.

If you are in between sizes or theres is a substantial difference in your size throughout the day, we suggest going slightly larger. There is nothing worse than a ring feeling too tight on your finger!there

If you have large knuckles in comparison to the base of your finger you should measure both your finger and your knuckle and find a size in between. You want to make sure the ring can fit over your knuckle, but at the same time ensure it isn't too loose once in position.

We suggest always choosing a larger size when purchasing a large or wide ring. This is because large rings cover more surface area and will feel a lot tighter than a thin ring. For rings that have a width of over 7mm, we suggest purchasing two (US) sizes up

Option 1 // Get sized Professionally

This option is by far the most reliable and risk-free. Head down to your local jeweller and ask them to measure your desired finger. If you are planning on buying a wide band ring don't hesitate to mention that to them so they can factor it in. Otherwise, simply add two sizes to your standard ring size. Contact us at any time for advice!

Option 2 // The Ring Method

This method is very simple but it is essential you be as accurate as possible. Over measuring even by 1mm can cause the ring to increase by 2 sizes.

First, you will need to find a ring that fits your desired finger. Place the ring on top of the ruler and measure the inside diameter.

Ensure you only measure the inside and do not include any of the metal. When you select your ring size on the website you can match the diameter measurement (in millimetres).

Option 3 // The Paper Method

Take a strip of paper, a pen an a ruler. Wrap the paper around your finger ensuring it is wrapped firmly close to the knuckle. Use a pen to mark the meeting point. Unwrap the paper and use the ruler to measure from the edge of the paper to the pen mark.

Please take good care to measure as accurately as possible to the exact measurement. Use the converter table above to convert the circumference to diameter, or desired ring size.